Sunday, July 26, 2009

The funnier (and more embarrassing) portion of my past...

My dad is hilarious. Any of you that know him know just how funny he can be. Anyone who knows "Bucky" probably envies and feels sorry for me at the same time. You see, Bucky is my dad's nerdy, semi-retarded alter ego. Bucky has showed up at some pretty funny places; court, parent/teacher conferences, job interviews, business meetings, parties, weddings, BBQs, relative's homes, and a thousand other places. He has this whole character developed and he's hilarious! We all love Bucky, but only once you know that it's just my dad and that he's just playing. Before you realize who it is (sometimes not until after he takes off the teeth and glasses) it's awkward and uncomfortable. Most people have a look on their face that says, "what am I supposed to do here?" or "Is this guy for real?" I won't bother telling you the Bucky stories because I wouldn't do them justice. Worse than that, I would take the hilarity out of the situation and that would be blasphemous!
This picture is from yesterday and it doesn't really show the whole Bucky costume. Sometimes he has a janitor jumpsuit on or a really bad suit. There's a thousand different things that he could wear, but the essence of the Bucky costume is the teeth. They are really quite disgusting. My dad is about to have some oral surgery done and his Bucky teeth won't fit any more. Now, seriously, Bucky has been part of my life for a very VERY long time. Bucky met my 2nd grade teacher, he scared my boyfriends, he has made me laugh harder than I have ever laughed in my life. So, Rick, when you're done with his mouth, will you make him some new Bucky teeth? This world is a better place with Bucky. :-)

p.s. Tyler and Nicole are old enough to realize that it's still grandpa, but Tori is scared to death of him. She gets as far away from him as she can! When he takes it off she runs to him again.


Bri said...

That is seriously hilarious.

Annie said...

haha, bucky has always scared me too