Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bribery, don't knock it

Yes, I bribe my children. I do it a lot. If you don't approve of bribery, please just keep it to yourself. I don't want to feel worse about my parenting skills. With Tyler I usually have to bribe him with time on the computer/psp/wii/iphone. With Nicole, it's usually something like painting her nails or a quarter for one of those little toy/candy dispensers by the door at the grocery store. Tori has to be bribed with food. Nothing else works. Nothing. Trust me, I've tried it all. If you know me at all or have kept up with my blog over the last 3 years you know that Tori is the greatest trial in my life. I love her more than life itself, but she is certifiably crazy. Taking her anywhere is difficult, but she's getting better so I try to take her places when I can. This usually includes the grocery store. So, yes, I result to bribery in the store. Oddly enough, she always wants the same thing: strawberries. I know! Weird! Not marshmallows or chips or chocolate or something normal. She wants strawberries. She pulls off the stem, hands it to me, and then eats the whole thing. By the end of our shopping trip, she's usually plowed through almost a pound of them.
I suppose I should be thankful that she wants to eat something other than junk. I'm sure that will change someday, but for now I'm trying to laugh at her funny little quirks and not lose my mind. I love you Tori Bug!

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all about the girls said...

Bribery? Hello!! That's what I call my paycheck....I think I've moved past strawberries....though they do still work for Aubrey...
Love that pic of Tori!!!