Monday, March 28, 2011

Go Titans!

Tyler loves sports. He has done T-ball, Coach-pitch baseball, soccer, basketball, and karate. I don't know if karate is considered a sport, but if not, it should be. Anyway, we haven't always had good luck with our coaches. For T-ball, the coach split after just one week. Ben had to step in and coach the team with his friend, Eric. For baseball, the coach bailed because his son broke his arm, so they just found some random guy in the parking lot to coach. Then for soccer we had an amazing coach. She did 2 practices a week when she only had to do one. She encouraged the boys and really helped them with their soccer skills. But basketball, we have truly been blessed with the coach we had. He was amazing with the boys on their team. He was fun, but still taught them. He was encouraging, but still serious. When one of the boys would make a mistake, he just laughed it off, patted them on the head and told them what to do next time. The boys had a blast this season. They were undefeated! (or, as Tyler says, they were unbeatable!) Now, Tyler loves basketball and wants to play every year. I managed to forget my camera every single game, but I took a few pictures with my iphone. I'm sorry they are so blurry, he was moving and I was far away.

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