Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nicole Denounces Dance?!

Yes, it's true. Nicole has decided that she doesn't want to do dance anymore. This is after months and months of begging and pleading for me to get her into a dance class. She did one trial class and decided that she just likes to dance by herself and doesn't like learning all the steps that the teacher tries to teach. She wants to do karate like Tyler. Okay, I guess if we let Tyler do it, we can't say no to Nicole. So, I signed her up and she did such a great job!! She has been watching Tyler and practicing with him at home so she might have had a teeny tiny advantage over the other brand new students. I was so proud of her! She insisted on wearing a flower in her hair so she wouldn't look like a boy. :-)

If any of you are interested in a karate class for your child and you live in the Vancouver area, I would HIGHLY recommend Kanthak Karate. A lot of other places we looked at had extra fees all over the place! Any time you wanted to advance to a higher belt, or needed to make up a class or new uniforms or whatever. Tyler stained his shirt (eating curry with a white shirt is never a good idea) and they just gave him a new one! They do more than just teach karate. They teach discipline, respect, and focus. They also do "safety training" which helps kids know what to do if a bad guy tries to take them. They role play different situations in class and learn different strategies to defend themselves and to avoid being taken in the first place. I love this place! They also do a lot of extra activities like Nerf Nights, Pool Parties, and even a Star Wars night where kids come in costume and use their stick fighting skills with light sabers. With Tyler and Nicole now in Karate I'm there 5 days a week. I love everything about Kanthak Karate.

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