Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why I Switched to Scentsy

I love good smells. I think I have a stronger sense of smell than most people. I can usually tell which aisle I'm in at the grocery store just by smell. When I was pregnant, I had to avoid certain aisles because the smells of things like garlic or pickles would make me throw up instantly.

(I actually threw up in the grocery store once, it wasn't pretty. I carried ziplock bags with me from then on.)

Anyway, I like my house to smell good. The reed diffusers are good, but Ben and I have a REALLY hard time finding ones that we both like. Candles are good too, but with Tori around, this happens every single time.

 First, she sees that the candle is lit. This usually happens within a minute of lighting it.
You can tell she's contemplating what she's about to. Weighing the pros and cons.
 Apparently she has decided (as always) that the pros have outweighed the cons.

"Oh shoot. Mom totally saw that. Look innocent."

"She's not buying the innocent act. She knows me too well. 
Quick, look cute! Cute enough that she can't be mad!"

She's right. I can't be mad at that -- even though that face is more scary than anything else. Besides, it's just a candle. So now I use Scentsy. My house smells good. There's no flame to blow out. The best part is, I can change the scents whenever I want!


eric and girls said...

And I am happy to support your Scentsy addiction;)

Micha said...

That's why I bake stuff. It makes the house smell amazing!