Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Treadmill

Running sucks.
Running is dumb.
Why would anyone run unless they were being chased?
Running is gross.

If you are a runner and you post about it on Facebook, chances are good that I will comment on it with one of the above statements. I hate running. A lot. I have problems with me feet (bunions - gross, I know) so running is quite uncomfortable for me. I have tried pretty much every other kind of exercise. Turns out I just hate exercising! Who knew?

Well, for my 30th birthday I got a treadmill. Before you all freak out and call my husband an insensitive lout for giving me exercise equipment for my birthday, I asked him for it.

"Why on Earth would you want a treadmill if you have foot problems, hate exercising, and despise running?"

Good question. Because I am crazy. No, actually I thought that I could watch tv on my laptop and walk in the evenings so I could burn a few extra calories and not feel so lazy. Well, I love it. I will shout it from the rooftops, I LOVE MY TREADMILL!!!! Funny thing is, I love running on it. I did the walking thing for a little while, but then I got stronger. I got in better shape. Just walking was too easy. I turned it up a little and ran. The whole time thinking, "what am I doing? I hate running!"

But I didn't. I loved it.

I just spent 85 minutes on my treadmill (while watching LOST on Netflix) and the only reason I stopped was because it's almost 11:00 pm and my pinky toes are asleep. According to my fancy treadmill, I burned almost 800 calories too. Probably a good thing considering the huge brownie I ate tonight.

I don't know what's happening to me. I really don't. But I can tell you this, I will not make fun of runners anymore. People who run marathons, they are a different story. That's just nuts.


Janelle Ehat said...

It's addicting Kristi! Beware! As soon as you start realizing how far you are going when you run you start to get this feeling of, "OH.MY.GOODNESS! I've never run that far in my life! And it felt good! I bet I could run a little farther!" and then it builds, and before you know it you are going 10 miles and thinking that it might be cool to be able to say you ran a half marathon, just because you can. It's addicting and the high you get from it as well as the sense of accomplishment makes you feel amazing. For me the fact that all of my children starting melting away from my midsection was an extremely exciting thing as well, but seeing as how you don't have a single ounce of "children" clinging to your body, ANYWHERE, that wouldn't be a bonus for you. But it does feel good! I'm proud of you! But seriously, beware!

Summer Elrod said...

Because we have twin birthday's does that mean ben gets to buy me a treadmill too? Thank you in advance Ben!

Jimbo said...

I am offended by your last paragraph. Although I am happy to know that I will have a treadmill to run on while I torture myself (er.. watch your kids) in May.