Sunday, May 8, 2011


Day 1

We left our house at the crack of dawn Sunday morning for Portland Airport. We made it through security in record time got to the gate and got on our plane. Ben, being the wonderful husband that he is, put a few episodes of Burn Notice on our laptop, got us some headphones and we passed a few hours like that. I also beat him in a game of Egyptian War. After that he wanted to play Gin so he could win. Of course, he beat me most of the time. Then we played Toy Story Uno and I beat him every single time. Pretty soon, we were on the ground and we stepped out of the plane into the oppressive heat and humidity that is the Honolulu Airport. Hooray! We're here! Now find me a bathroom so I can get out of the clothes! Seriously... what was I thinking? I wore jeans, tennis shoes, long socks, and 3 shirts with a scarf. Dumb.

We found our rental car, got some lunch at L & L Drive In and then came over to the rainy side of the island. We are staying with my super awesome and amazing cousin, Shayna, and her husband, Duke. They have a beautiful home and they have opened it to us. We changed our clothes and went to a cemetery called the Valley of the Temples. It has a beautiful Japanese temple and the grounds are beautiful. We walked around, rang a giant gong that promises blessings from Buddah and lit some incense at the shrine. It was raining, but it was warm and we were so happy to finally be here that we didn't care. We were pretty wet by the time we got back to the car, but we weren't cold so it was okay. We drove to the beach in Kailua and took a walk. I love Hawaii! It felt so good to be alone with the man of my dreams in a warm place where we don't have to worry about a thing! I never want this to end!

Okay, that's not entirely true. We see little kids everywhere we go. It makes me miss them like crazy. Every time we see something or do something that they would like I miss them more. Do I miss them enough to come home early? Fat chance. Someone would have to lose a limb for that to happen.

Anyway, I'm loving this trip already and it's only the first day!

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Jimbo said...

Lose a limb you say... interesting. :)