Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Tea

Mill Plain United Methodist Preschool does a Mother's Tea Party every year for Mother's Day. I feel like I've been going to this party for my entire adult life because I have had kids in this school for so long -- and I have another 2 years to come with Tori. It's always very nice and I always have a good time... and they are all exactly the same. The same snacks, the same tea/punch/coffee, the same songs, the same gifts and cards. I love it. Nicole looked so pretty. Originally, she wanted to match. When I informed her that I was going to wear jeans, she decided that maybe we should just wear matching colors. :-) She's not a huge fan of jeans. So we settled on black, white, and pink.

Nicole seems to think that today is actually Mother's Day. Did I tell her that it's not until Sunday? Nope. She brought me peanut butter toast in bed while singing her own made-up Mother's Day song. Then she let me curl her hair, she did all her chores with no complaints, and she has been expressing her love for me all day long. I wish every day was Mother's Day! We decided that we might as well celebrate today since I'll be on a tropical island for the real Mother's Day. Darn. :-)


Micha said...

There is no going wrong with black, white, and pink!!!

What a fabulous day. I think this is better than the "real" Mother's Day by far!

Emily Springer said...

haha. Love it! Aidan's preschool also has a Mother's Tea, which is tomorrow...though I doubt he'll want to color coordinate with me :( Have fun in the sun!


Annie said...

How precious is that? You both look beautiful and you are going to treasure these pictures when you are old and gray. You probably treasure them already. Love you!