Saturday, May 14, 2011


Day 7
It's hard to be excited for today. I feel like our trip is coming to an end way too quickly. Today is our last full day and we plan on spending the whole day relaxing.
See that beautiful, blue water? See that flat little island out there? Let's swim out there and check it out! This is Ben's face when I told him my idea:
Ben isn't the greatest swimming in the world. He sinks like a rock in a pool. In the ocean he's a little more buoyant. He grabbed the fins and the boogie boards out of the car and we struck out for the little island. We found out (once we got there) that it's a bird sanctuary. There are trails you can walk on and see stuff, but after swimming out there, I was tired and I didn't want to take off my fins and walk around barefoot. We paddled back and spent the last little bit of our vacation doing NOTHING. I loved it.
Now it's time to back to the house, pack up all of our stuff, and say goodbye to the island.

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arwen said...

hahaha!!!! THE FACE!!!!!