Thursday, May 12, 2011


Day 5
Guess what I had for breakfast today! Spam Musubi! Seriously, I love that stuff more than I should. I must say, buying breakfast at 7-11 is much cheaper than eating at a restaurant! So, after my delicious breakfast, we went to Aunt Susie's house to get some gear. We needed some chairs for the beach, a big umbrella, a cooler, boogie boards, beach towels... you know, beach stuff. We decided that yesterday was the most touristy day in the history of the universe so today would be a day to chill at the beach.

"WHAT?!?! Didn't you guys just get burned to a crisp two days ago? What are you thinking!?"

I know, I know. But this time we are smarter. We applied our SPF 50 sunblock before leaving the house. We rubbed it all over instead of just spraying it on willy-nilly. We also plan on spending time in the shade and using the umbrella to block the sun when we need to. Yay for the beach! After spending all day on the beach, we left to get cleaned up for dinner and found that neither of us were burned! In fact, we looked better now than we did in the morning! I was very happy about this. I spent most of the day in the shade, but I did get in the water quite a bit. It is so nice to be able to get in the ocean. You can't get in the water like that on the Oregon coast. The water here is so blue and clear and beautiful!

For dinner we went to Aunt Susie's and had dinner with her whole family. Duke and Shayna, Adam, Bailey, Uncle Shep, and their friend, Dee. There was prime rib, shrimp with pasta, sweet potatoes, salad, and more. It was delicious. I don't get to see them very often so it was a lot of fun to get everyone together. My Uncle Shep is hilarious. I wish he had his own reality show. I would totally watch that.

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